We have had the pleasure of working with Northshire Networks for approximately ten years. Mark has proven time and time again to be a tremendous asset to our business whenever needed. He’s shown a disciplined high-level of performance regardless of challenge. Mark has outstanding technical capabilities bundled with great ability to communicate with people. Mark also has the maturity and experience necessary to anticipate and prepare, therefore greatly reducing our technical challenges before they occur. He’s well-liked and respected by all members of our staff and frequently requested by our customers. If you’re looking for an individual with character, experience, and the ability to get things done, look to Mark at Northshire Networks.

Tom Brandt

It continues to be a rewarding and an invaluable opportunity working with Mark Chilla. He is the Offsite Computer Consultant for Decorative interiors, Inc. and his expertise and knowledge of the technical environment we live in enables our company to grow and prosper. As the Operations Manager for Decorative Interiors, Inc. I have worked with Mark for more than 5 years. His assistance has been instrumental on many levels: implementation of company wide database software changes, installation of VPN in our offsite retail location at Straiton, conquering Remote Access expansion for our warehouse, laptops at home, and our new offsite store location. Mark introduced Bar Code Scanning and managed its integration with our current inventory database. He has personally assisted me with numerous website development challenges, continues to evaluate efficient methods and procedures on software use, and first and foremost has met each expected deadline requested of him, keeping our company running at top performance. Mark’s dedication to accuracy, his knowledge of computers and software, and his continuous education in the field are qualities to be admired. His positive attitude and interest in business welfare are additional attributes. As a team player. Mark is willing to help in any facet of the company when needed, including instructional assistance when required.

Cindy Henry