The Audio-Visual System You’ve Been Searching For

Audio-visual (AV) systems are used everywhere, from homes and classrooms to offices and recreational spaces. AV systems can help you communicate information to your students, employees, and customers with ease. In addition to providing top-notch audio and visual components, your AV system can help you seamlessly operate devices and lights so that you can turn them off and on with the touch of a button.

AV systems can help you improve your presentations and ensure your business sells its products or services. And, since the quality of your presentations will be that much better, you can focus on getting more engagement from anyone who watches them, from employees to clients.

At Northshire Networks, we can provide Sonos and other AV technology that works for all your AV needs. We also offer commercial audio systems, LCD TVs and mounting services, and digital signage to benefit your business.

The Top Sound Systems



Wi-Fi Audio System


These speakers plug right into your wall and employ all the different streaming services out there. You can stream content from Spotify, Pandora, XM Radio, Apple Music, and more.

Turn to Northshire Networks

Whether you’re planning a special event of any size or need a system for everyday use, let Northshire fit you. We can provide the AV system you need to entertain and engage your audience, guests, or family. The systems we offer will help you streamline all operations to reduce errors or multiple unused features.

Northshire Networks serves homeowners, businesses, and schools, providing the most advanced technology to the people of Vermont and the rest of New England. We have the experience you need in IT, security, and AV services. Since 1998, we have provided the latest technology to our clients. Let us do the same for you! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.